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Welcome to My Wonderful Life

Be remembered your way.

Online funeral planning tools designed to make your and your loved ones’ memorial a celebration filled with inspiration and joy.


Why plan now?

Live with no regrets. Your memorial celebration should be exactly what you want. Don’t leave the burden and guesswork to someone else.

Funeral Planning Relieve Burden on Loved Ones

RELIEVE burden on loved ones

Times of stress like death can cause a great deal of tension and conflict among families and others left behind. There’s little worse than going through the death of a loved one with no idea of what they wanted for their funeral. Planning ahead helps relieve the burden.

Plan You Own Funeral Wishes Honored

ensure your wishes are honored

Using our easy planning tools, you can ensure you’re remembered exactly as you want. Let’s start with the celebration. What song do you want played? Favorite pictures you want displayed? Poems or letters you’d like read? Your celebration should represent your wishes.

Funeral Planning Save Time and Money

Save precious Time and money

Studies have shown that when someone dies, survivors want to spend more money on the funeral than the loved one would have wanted. Planning ahead can save the extra expense. And a good time to plan is when you are healthy and well.

Help a Loved One Plan Their Funeral

help a loved one plan

We’ve made the planning experience simple and something you can do together as a family. In fact, many members have told us it was a joyful and memorable experience. Helping a parent or loved one create their plan can give you both lasting memories and peace of mind.


What people are saying

My Wonderful Life is a game-changing platform. It made planning my end of life celebration fast, easy, and fun.

Mary Anne S. / Seattle, WA 


We make it easy. Here’s how it works:

Create Your Own Funeral Plan

Create your funeral plan

We’ll guide you through creating a plan with simple questions along with a little inspiration and help along the way.

Funeral Plan Capture Your Story

CAPTURE your life’s story

Save your favorite photos and videos. Write your own memorial. Capture your favorite quotes, writings and music. Leave letters to your loved ones.

Share and Invite Family and Friends to Your Own Funeral Plan

Share and invite family and friends

Share your plan and your story with your loved ones so they can carry out your wishes. Invite them to help you create your plan or contribute to your story.

Funeral Planning Resources, Ideas and Advice

get useful ideas and advice

Use our extensive resources full of advice, ideas and inspiration to help you make a plan that truly represents your wonderful life.

Funeral Planning What Song Do You Want at Your Funeral

What song do you want at your funeral?

Sinatra? Stones? Mariah? You should choose the music that best represents your life.
Create your playlist. Sign in now.


Funeral Program Templates for Funeral Service Programs

Need a Funeral Program?

Download editable funeral program designs that can be customized with your own text and photos.

Choose a design


Inspiration & Advice

Get ideas and information you can actually use to help you start planning an unforgettable memorial celebration.

Founders of My Wonderful Life Funeral Planning Tools Sue Kruskopf and Nancy Bush

Our Story

We know what you’re thinking —“Why would I want to plan my own funeral?”

We learned the importance first hand when Nancy’s husband, John, died of cancer at 53 years old. Nancy had no idea what he wanted because he didn’t want to talk to about it. Her friends and family helped plan a great end-of-life celebration for an incredible husband and father of three. After that experience we wondered if it would’ve been easier if he had a place he could’ve gone online to record those thoughts — that’s when My Wonderful Life was born.

Since 2008, My Wonderful Life has grown to be one of the largest online funeral planning sites in the world. Our goal was to make it an experience that is easy and inspiring — a goal we continue to work towards today — and have added new features like saving photos and videos, writing letters to loved ones, and much more.

Get started with us today. Sign Up Now.

-Sue and Nancy

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