The Basics of Buying a Grave Plot

Buying a grave plot is a lot like buying real estate: the better the location, the higher the price. Most plots start around $1,000 and continue to rise with location benefits. Prices can differ with better locations in the world and better locations within the cemetery. If there is a grave plot on a hillside in the cemetery it will range higher than a grave plot on flat land.

  • Buying

  • Other Costs

It is always best to pre-plan your grave plot, as prices continue to rise year-after-year. There is also the option to buy a pre-owned grave plot. This just means that there was a previous owner who chose to give up the plot for various reasons. Buying a pre-owned plot can bring down the price because many sellers are not looking to make a profit and sell their plot for the price they once paid. 

Other Costs
When planning a traditional ground burial there are many costs to consider. Opening and closing the grave, a casket, a burial vault or grave liner, a grave marker, installing the grave marker, and care of the grave site are all costs involved.