The Basics of Caskets

Make sure to take your time when purchasing a casket, because it is an expensive item and it is hard to make an informed decision when you are in this stressful situation.

  • Traditional Caskets

  • Custom Caskets

  • Handcrafted/DIY Caskets

Traditional Caskets

You can either buy a casket or rent one, either online or from a funeral director. Usually, they’re made from fiberglass, wood, bamboo, cardboard or metal. It’s possible to find an appropriate casket for under $1000 online or in specialty casket stores.

Custom Caskets
Custom caskets can be more ornately designed or personalized. They could reflect a part of the deceased’s personality. These caskets could include:

  • Art prints inside the lid

  • Colored Linings

  • Engravings

  • Custom Handles

  • Picture Displays


Crazy Coffins

Tribute Caskets

Eternal Image


Handcrafted/Do-It-Yourself Caskets
There are many resources available online or locally to help you build your own coffin. Hand-crafted coffins are also available, along with environmentally-friendly coffins made of wool or other substances.