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Memorials and Tombstones

A memorial is a very personal notion that can help loved ones of the deceased deal with their loss. People who have pre-planned their funeral may already have an idea for their memorial, but many times it’s left up to family and friends.

What to consider:

  • Many times a memorial can be as simple as a gravestone. Gravestones can also be shaped and engraved to create a more personal tribute.
  • There is also the option of placing a monument in a cemetery, which comes along with high costs.
  • More personalized memorials are becoming increasingly popular recently and there are endless options. If you were cremated and scattered you could request a memorial be placed in the location of the scattering like a plaque, a tree or a plant. Or you could donate a bench to a park with your name on it.

 Headstone Additions:

  • Personalized memorial video
  • Etched photo
  • Place for flowers
  • Custom design
  • Stained glass


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