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Recommended Books

Creative Funeral Planning

The newest trend in the funeral industry is the personalization of death, and people are becoming more and more involved with planning their funerals. Below are a few books that can help inspire your personalized funeral.


Funeral Planning

Planning a funeral can be a daunting task for loved ones left behind. Listed below are a few books that can guide you through this stressful time.              

Dealing with Grief

With death, comes grief. The books below can help provide comfort during the after-death period.  

Before Death

The time before death brings so many questions. How can I make my passing comfortable? Will my family be alright? The books below will help answer your questions.                                                                                             

Dealing with Grief - Children

One of the most difficult parts of death is explaining it to children. Here are several books that explain death in a way children can understand.                                                                                                                                ="http:>="http:>
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