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Funeral Planning Resources

Here is where you can find answers and inspiration. You can find out everything from how to do a burial at sea, to how to save money on funeral expenses to what to actually do when someone dies. And you'll find lots of ideas for music as well as helpful books. Just click on the headings to find the subject you're looking for. 

This section will explain everything from what embalming is to where 'Green' cemeteries are located. 

This section features a variety of funeral ideas from non-traditional programs to caskets.

This section includes example funerals that will hopefully help you with ideas for yours. 

There are some books you never planned to buy, but this section will recommend books ranging from how to deal with grief to throwing yourself a creative funeral.

The music you play at your funeral will hopefully help your guests remember the good times. Click here for an extensive list of funeral songs.

Quotes, saying, poems and biblical passages included in a funeral can bring closure to family members. Visit this section for suggested funeral writings.

Here you will find current articles about inspiring people and happenings in the funeral industry.

After a loved one dies there are a million things to do. This checklist will help you stay sane through this stressful process.

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