Funerals By Color: Yellow

A note from a member of the MWL staff:  This edition of “Funerals by Color” reminds me so much of my mother. Although she hasn’t passed away, I would love to include some of these ideas when planning her funeral (but hopefully that won’t happen for a long time!) My mom absolutely loves the color yellow. Everything in our house was yellow: our linoleum floors, the wallpaper, the curtains, and even the lampshades. This sunshine-filled home decor has since disappeared over the years, but when I envision our home in my small town in Minnesota, I still see those bright yellow flowers on the walls. 

This beautiful wishing tree is normally a Dutch wedding tradition used in place of a guest book. For funerals this could be used to share fond memories of the person who passed away or to wish the family of the deceased well. Printable programs can save both time and money, not to mention they will provide funeral attendees with a way to reflect on their memories of the deceased. Help commemorate the memory of a loved one with pins like these. If your loved one was in the military, hand out yellow ribbons for people to wear to show support for our troops and for the service they gave to our country. Urns come in all types of shapes and colors. Check out these urns at Spruce up the centerpieces with yellow flowers or place them on the center of the casket. Maybe you would even like to plant a yellow birch tree in their honor. And last but not least, make a toast with lemonade-inspired drinks!