Funerals By Color: Green

Spring has sprung, and so have personal gardens. Memory gardens are a great way for your family to share memories of a loved one as you watch your plants, flowers, or vegetables grow. Handing out these printable seed packetsto funeral attendees is just another way to propagate the idea of memory gardens to others.  Place seeds of your loved ones favorite plants or flowers inside! After a long day in the garden, sit back and relax with Kiwi Martinis. They would also be fun to serve at any green-themed memorial service or celebration for your loved one. Green flower arrangements can be centerpieces as well! Family heirlooms can be passed down through generations. Getting a memory pin to put on bouquets or just to wear can be a great legacy to pass on.  Items with sentimental value carry a lot more meaning whether it’s a family celebration or an occasion filled with sorrow.  If a traditional funeral isn’t in your loved ones plan, LifeGem will turn their remains into a beautiful diamond. However, if your loved one does wish to be buried, LifeGem can also make a diamond out of a lock of hair! It’s pretty easy to be green even after you’re gone with these wicker caskets. Wicker is an environmentally friendly substitute for steel caskets.