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Welcome to This page will give you an overall understanding of the process of filling out the book that details the wishes you’ll leave behind for your loved ones.

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Getting started:

The first step to using is to create an account. You can find this page by clicking on “Register Now (it's FREE)” on the Home page or on “Register (its free!)” on the top navigation bar. This process will require a home address, email address, username, and password. You’ll receive an email confirmation that must be responded to in order for your account to become active. Once you confirm your email address you will be taken into your book.

Your book:

Once you are in your book you must choose your Angels. You can do this in the “my Personal Info” section. We require you to choose your Angels right away, and they will be notified via email. If you do not designate your Angels, your wishes cannot be carried out, and that would be a shame! Try to designate more than one Angel, in the event that one may not be able to fulfill this role.

Filling out your book is easy, and you can spend as much time on your book as you choose.  You can also go back anytime throughout your life and change or delete your choices. It’s also easy to skip any pages that are not relevant to you, by clicking on “Skip this Step” in the upper right hand corner of your book.

To see images of the book you will fill out, click here.

Choosing your Angels:

You can choose from one to six Angels, and you can change them at any time in your life.  They are the people in your life who will know you’ve died, and will carry out your wishes.

Once you choose them, your Angels are notified via email that you’re a member of They can then accept or decline being your Angel. If they accept, they’ll receive an email with the link to your site, which contains your wishes as well as any other information you’ve included.  They need to keep the email we send them in a safe place; some people choose to print them out as well.  We'll re-send them the link via semi-annual emails.

Your Angels can then click on that link when you die and print out a summary of your wishes. They can also view your book, and have access to any other information that you left for them. 

If you want to know more about the Angel process, click here.
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Lastly, this site is password protected and secured using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The personal information that you enter onto the site is encrypted in our database for your protection. Only you, or your Angels upon your death, have access to the site, and your information will never be given out to any third parties. We are an independent company, and not a subsidiary of any corporation.

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This site is password-protected and secured using SSL. Personal information is encrypted in our database for your protection.
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