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Everyone should be able to let their loved ones know what they want for their funeral.

Usually, at the time of someone’s death, the survivors are left to plan the funeral and make decisions they really shouldn’t be making while grieving.

And what about you? Don’t you want your funeral to reflect what you would have wanted and the way you lived?

Nancy Bush & Sue Kruskopf was created to fill that void we both felt existed.

This became clear to us in 2006 when Nancy’s husband, John, died of cancer at 52 years old.

Although he was sick for almost a year, it was hard for him to let his family know what he wanted, because he felt by “going there” he would be giving up.

We felt a website like would have made it easier for him to express his personal wishes, and to leave letters and memories for his family left behind.

Sue’s advertising agency, Kruskopf Coontz, created It’s a place where you can leave your wishes for your funeral along with any other important information your family will need to know. Your funeral could be at a church or at your favorite bar.

John Bush

You could have your ashes scattered over the ocean, or at your cabin. Whatever your wishes may be, you’ll be able to preserve them here, and pass them onto your loved ones.

Not only will they be thankful knowing they are doing exactly what you would have wanted, but you will be giving them a gift of far less stress and decision-making when the time comes.


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