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FAQs About Your Membership 

What is a Member?
When you open up an account at, you are considered a Member.

Is outlining my wishes in my Will good enough?
Your will is a necessary document that primarily deals with distribution of your assets and guardianship of your children. Having more than a Will is necessary for your family and friends during funeral planning. Since the Will is many times not read until after the funeral, it is not useful to document your funeral and burial wishes in your Will. will enable your family and friends to have access to your wishes immediately after death.

What if I forget my password or username?
There are two places to find your information. The first place is in the initial email that you received after creating an account. The other way is to go to the ‘Log in’ page on and click on ‘Lost your Username/Password?’ and follow the steps.

Do you sell/share members’ contact information to advertisers? will never sell or share your information with advertisers, or any third parties.

Do other people (on my computer) have access to this information other than Angels?
If you do not want other people who use your computer to see your information, make sure to ‘log out’ before closing the site. Also, when you are logging in do not click “Remember me on this computer.”

I signed up for an account, but I can’t log in to see my book.
If you created an account and are not able to log in to your account, you probably did not confirm your email address. After you create an account, will send you a confirmation email to whichever email address you provided. Once you see this email, you’ll want to click the confirmation link to officially create your account.

My wife & I share the same email address; can we both create an account?

Every account on needs to have its own email address. There are services like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail that allow you to create a free email account.

Why upload pictures if they’re on your computer already?
The ‘my Photos’ feature is not meant as storage for photos, but as a way to show your loved ones your favorite pictures. Also, some people would not know where to find favorite photos on someone else’s computer so this just makes it easier. Your Angels will be able to download your pictures when they enter your online site with your wishes.

How do I cancel my account?
Contact if you decide to cancel your membership.

How long will my information remain on the site?
Your information will stay on the for one year after your death.

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