My Wonderful Life

Recommended Sayings

Perhaps they are not openings in the sky…but rather openings in heaven
Where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy!
What a beautiful difference one single life made.

In our memories and in our hearts, love lasts forever.

Love Lives On.

Each life is a miracle that changes the world…..and it leaves it a better place
than it was before.

Beautiful memories live forever in our hearts.

Life changes…..but it never ends.

Nothing beautiful in this world is ever really lost

We can’t know why some things happen….but we can know that love and beautiful memories outlast the pain of grief.  And we can know that there’s a place inside the heart where love lives always….and where nothing beautiful can ever be forgotten.

Within our hearts and in our memories, those we love remain with us always.

Grief diminishes as memories nourish the heart.

No one spread more love in one lifetime.

When one is taken, love saves their place.

As does the wind to the smallest flowers, we too, plant seeds of love into others’ souls to bloom.

Someone who has truly touched us will always be close through the joy of memories and the beauty of love.

Even as the sun goes down to the end the light of day, It’s rising on a new horizon somewhere far away.

The light of a distant star continues to reach the earth long after the star itself is gone.  In the same way, the light and love your loved one gave will continue to shine in many hearts.

Every day a new dawn, every dawn a new dream , to hope, to believe.

Sometimes it is simply the hope in our hearts and the faith in our souls that comfort us and let us begin anew.

When you have loved someone deeply they are never lost to you.  Precious memories of that dear one live on in your heart forever.

She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful & life was so short.

Love means letting go….knowing you’ll be together once again.

God reaches out to you with love to assure you, with grace to uphold you, with compassion to comfort you.

Love never dies, it lives on in your heart forever.  Listen carefully, _____will speak to your heart.

There’s peace in the promise that life is everlasting.

Deep in the heart, steadfast and devout, there burns the light of love that grief cannot put out.

As we grieve, let’s tell the stories, be grateful for the lessons and treasure the memories.

Sometimes we cannot understand, all we can do is trust in God….and believe.

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