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Green Burial - "Direct Burial"

What a Green burial entails:

  • Body is buried soon after death.
  • A person’s body is put into a simple container with no embalming.
  • There is no use of a traditional casket unless it is an environmentally safe product such as bamboo or cardboard.
  • There is a lot less ceremony and usually there is not a visitation.
  • There are special cemeteries for green burials.
  • This type of funeral is a good fit for the environmentally conscious.


  • Environmentally friendly – less land space, less pollution
  • Cost is lower


  • This type of funeral does not follow traditional customs, which might leave loved ones feeling left out of the grieving process
  • Harder to find a Green Burial cemetery


For Green cemetery locations, click here.
For eco-friendly casket companies, click here.

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