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Inspiration for Funerals

posted on 1/4/12 by Staff

By way of the Internet, sharing ideas with others has come a long way from borrowing recipes from a neighbor down the street. Now we share our inspirations, our crafts, and even our advice online. Websites like Pinterest allow us to store our favorite things we find online in virtual file folders for others to view. People are looking to friends and strangers alike for great ideas. In this economy people are willing, and eager, to use ideas that are stylish and save money.

Weddings aren’t the only traditions to ride this new wave of creativity. Now, with funeral attire guides and inspiration boards, we’re able to plan the funeral or final celebration we want so family members can carry out our wishes later.

Below, members of put together style guides for funerals. And don’t forget to check out our “Funerals by Color” boards here!

Funeral Attire

Funeral Attire

Funeral Attire

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(1) On January 6, 2012, Shirley ( said:
Thank you for this post! I have always love the mystique of traditional funeral dress - black dresses, veils, and heels. It seems recently that it's considered "morbid" to wear black to a funeral these days, which to me is a real shame.

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