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Economic Recession Hits Funeral Homes

posted on 4/20/09 by Staff

When families start to struggle with their finances, funerals are one place that they are willing to cut costs. Funeral directors have been learning this over the past year, according to a CNN article. Cremations are on the rise, saving an average of $4,000 to $5,000 dollars on the total funeral, which cuts the price in half. Typically, funeral homes make their money by preserving bodies for funerals, selling expensive caskets and upgrading headstones and funeral service packages, but in difficult financial situations families are forgoing many of those expenses and opting for more basic funerals.

Care to share? Has the economic recession affected your funeral plans?

Read CNN Article "Recession Leaves Funeral Business in Grave State"

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(1) On May 2, 2009, Virginia Snyder () said:
Very interesting!
(2) On February 18, 2011, Paul ( said:
I plan on getting cremated. Their is no reason to spend over $10,000 to put my empty body into the ground so maybe 1 person a year could stop by to say hi to no one. Waste of money.

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