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posted on 4/18/11 by Staff


As our membership increases, the MWL staff grows more and more excited every day. However, amidst all the enthusiasm, we are also a bit concerned. We have come to realize that a portion of our Members have filled out their book but have neglected to designate any Angels. So this week’s blog is a call to action to choose the important people in your life who will carry out your final wishes. Our mission is too important for us to let an issue like this take a back seat. We intend for this post to guide you on this important decision-making process, and to offer inform all members of the role of an MWL Angel.


Definition of an MWL Angel:

The person/persons you designate to carry out your wishes after you pass away. These people must accept this role in your life, metaphorically and quite literally through e-mail.


The role of an MWL Angel:

  1. Being an MWL Angel for a loved one will take away some of the stress that family and friends feel after a loved one passes away. It eliminates the guesswork, because you’ll know it’s what they wanted.
  2. Make their final wishes a reality.  You have been chosen because you are a trusted and important individual in this person’s life. Whether they want a 400-person party at their favorite museum or a small family gathering at their home, it’s your job to help make sure it happens.
  3. If you are already and MWL Angel, but not a Member, consider becoming one yourself. It will make you more familiar with the MWL website. We constantly offer new and innovative funeral ideas that are ready for the taking!
  4. Explaining MyWonderfulLife’s mission can sometimes be difficult over e-mail. If you already have a book, but have not designated any Angels, you may want to call people before designating them. This helps avoid any confusion when this person receives an e-mail from us describing the role of an MWL Angel.


Top 3 Reasons to Designate Friends/Family to carry out your wishes:

  1. If you don’t designate anyone as an “MWL Angel,” then your wishes simply won’t be carried out! No one will know your wishes or be notified that you have an account. We understand this is an important decision, but procrastination won’t be helpful. Add one person now, and you can always change your mind later.
  2. You eliminate the guesswork for your family. They will spend less time worrying about what you would have wanted.
  3. It’s a huge timesaver! This allows your family to spend more time grieving and less time planning!


3 Previous comments:

(1) On April 18, 2011, David Hlavac () said:
I designated my wife as my MWL Angel. And despite what you might think, giving your Angel a heads-up about MWL is easy. It doesn't have to be a heavy, doom-and-gloom conversation.

It might go something like this:

"You know how you're always telling me you want bagpipes at your funeral? Well, I've put all my final wishes in writing at a secure website, and I'm going to need you to carry them out."

Then, encourage them to register for MWL themselves, and you'll reciprocate by being *their* Angel. If for no other reason than to ensure there are plenty of bagpipes...
(2) On November 28, 2013, Ruth Rinne () said:
Great site
(3) On November 28, 2013, Ruth Rinne () said:
Thanks for being here

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