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Here at My Wonderful Life, we wanted others to be able to create and print their own funeral programs for a loved one who has passed away. Designing funeral programs can be time intensive and expensive, so we got some of our own designers to do all hard work for you! We even put them into Microsoft Word files, so you can edit them all on your own. Printing them youself allows for edits to be made in a timely fashion, and the time you save allows you to be with your family and tend to other affairs that need to be in order.


1. Choose your design.

2. Click on the design of your choice, and it will begin downloading.

3. Open the file.

4. Edit the document with your own information.

5. Swap out photos. (For the last option with the maroon boxes, make sure the photo is the same size as the box next to it. Double click on the image and make sure the height and width are both set to 2.31" - you may also change the color of these boxes, by double clicking on them and choosing another color).

6. Print. Refer to your printer manual for double sided printing instructions.

Tips and Tricks:

If you have a printer that prints double sided, these funeral programs will automatically print in booklet form. If you don’t have a printer that prints double sided, print the first page only, and after placing the 1st page back into the printer, print the 2nd page. You may have to try this more than once to know which way to properly place the first page back into your printer. Refer to your printer manual for help. Instructions on double sided printing may be found there.

If you don’t have a printer, think about saving the file on an external flash drive (thumb drive) that you could take to a local printing service.

Use cardstock or heavier paper for a more professional look and feel.

16 Previous comments:

What a wonderful site this will help so many people out as program's for funerals can work out expensive.
(2) On August 23, 2012, yolande () said:
Thank you so much a colleague of mine needed help with funeral programmes etc and he asked me to make them for him ...I googled and found your website I must say it totally helped us.

Thank God and God bless you exceedingly for this

We may be in South Africa but this is totally relevant even for us. I will be using some Zulu language when I edit them but its relatively the same.

Thanks a million

Godspeed and God bless
(3) On March 17, 2013, Kim () said:
These templates really helped our family with our father's funeral service. Thank you so much. We are thankful for the good people like yourselves who help others when they need it most.
(4) On July 3, 2013, jane () said:
Bless you for thinking of people in their time of need.
(5) On September 6, 2013, mpumi () said:
Hi I would like you to help me....
(6) On October 12, 2013, Markenna () said:
Thank you so much for the download, I scoured the internet looking for this and find it here. Thank you again.
(7) On October 16, 2013, Francis () said:
Want to say thank you for the templates.
Very helpful.
(8) On October 29, 2013, Tee () said:
For some reason, my computer's antivirus is detecting a virus with these templates every time that I try to download any of them...
(9) On November 5, 2013, Linda () said:
I made up both brochures and neither of them will print. When I key file print, the preview shows nothing and prints blank. Please help funeral is this Saturday. I tired getting templates elsewhere and didn't like any of them.
Thank you I need a quick turnaround funeral program for my Great, Great Aunts Funeral and I found your site and was able to use the template to complete the flyer In time!!!

Thank you!
(11) On November 20, 2013, sandra () said:
(12) On December 12, 2013, Blair Goode () said:
Thank you
(13) On December 22, 2013, Solly () said:
I would like your goodself to send me editable funeral programme for me to use. I am very taken by your designs thank you.
(14) On January 7, 2014, george () said:
very helpful web page
(15) On February 12, 2014, Effrum Garnett () said:
I am interested in using this template, but I need 6 pagers. Is there any way I can add 2 more pages?
(16) On March 28, 2014, Joan S () said:
Thank You so much for the helpful templates. The family was so happy to save time and money that they didn't have.

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