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Funerals by Theme: VINTAGE

posted on 12/13/11 by Staff

For the one whose style has enduring appeal, this classic vintage theme will stand the test of time.

This silhouette locket necklace can be cherished always and customized from a photo of your loved one. This Calla Lily wreath can adorn the casket. It’s not only quaint and beautiful, but it could also save on funeral costs and be made personally. Customizable funeral programs can be ordered online or can be printed at home. The artist who makes this beautiful hand painted urn ensures the shape of the vessel enhances the decoration that's imprinted on the vase. Mason jars would be great for serving cocktails (or non-alcoholic beverages as well) and can even be used to house candles for decoration. If your loved one made any crafts, displaying their work could mean a great deal to family and friends. Their work, or this vintage needlework, can be passed down for generations. These distressed wood plaques come with meaningful words of inspiration, and are ready to be placed wherever you want them. A vintage hearse would be a classic addition to any procession and would appease anyone with elegant style - or car lovers!

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