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Funerals by Color: GOLD

posted on 7/13/11 by Staff

For a loved one whose life defined a golden age, these ideas are as precious as their memory.

If your loved one always had a stash of candy m&m’s waiting for you at every visit, these golden m&m’s would be a simple and special reminder to honor their memory. You can even personalize m&m’s now with names or letters. If you’ve ever lost someone, you know that the small things in life remind you of them every day. Angel pins are sometimes given out at funeral services, and they serve as a beautiful symbol of reflection. Some of us who are more forgetful never think to bring tissues to a funeral because our mind is usually somewhere else. Combat this problem for funeral attendees by providing Kleenex in golden tissue pack holders. Make sure you know what type of program you are getting, or make your own programs like Jenni did. There are also many printable program options available on Your loved ones final resting place should be special too. Here is a golden casket to round out our “Funerals by Color: GOLD” theme.

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