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FAQs About Angels 

What are ‘Angels’?
Angels are people you designate to be notified upon your death. They’ll then have access to your account and can execute your wishes.

How do I change my profile photo?

You will need to log in to your account, enter your book and go to the ‘my Personal Info’ page. At this time, there is not a way to delete the photo you selected, so just upload a photo to put over the existing photo.

What if I want to go back in and change something after I’ve completed the book and chosen my Angels?
That’s easy to do, and we expect that your choices may change over time. Just click on “My Account,” enter your password and you can change whatever you want. You will be sent periodic e-mails reminding you that you can add or update your Book at any time.

What if I just want to leave basic instructions like I want to be cremated and have my ashes in my garden?
That’s not a problem. is designed to be as simple or as comprehensive as you’d like it to be.

I’d like to store my favorite pictures on the site but have more than the allotted 25 pictures?
We know how important all of those photos are! At this time, only provides space for the first 25 photos.

How many Angels do I need to choose?
You may choose as many Angels as you wish with a minimum of one and a maximum of six.

How will Angels know about my death?
We hope that they would be close enough to you so that they would know.

How do the Angels access my wishes and information upon my death?
Once you choose your Angels, they will be sent an e-mail where they can accept or decline being one of your Angels. If they accept being an Angel, they are sent an e-mail with a link to your account that they are supposed to access only upon your death, and are asked to store this e-mail in a safe place. Upon your death, they will click on the link, and will be asked to confirm your death. Once they do, they will see a summary view of your wishes and all the information entered in the Book, and be able to print it out as well. They will also be able to view your Book.

How does an Angel accept or decline my invitation?
They are sent an email with two links: an "I accept" or "I decline." When they click on either link they are redirected to the appropriate page.
What if my Angels enter the site before I die?
You will be sent an e-mail that says one of your Angels has reported you dead. This e-mail contains which Angel it is and their e-mail address. We find that most people would prefer not to have their Angels enter their site until their death, and if that’s the case, you can let them know that is not “good Angel behavior!” In some cases, your Angel may have clicked on the site by accident. And some members don’t mind if their site is viewed before their death. It’s up to you. You also have the option to change your Angels at any time.

What if I want to change my Angels after I’ve already set up the site?
You can add, remove or change whom you designate as Angels as often as you like. Log in to your book, click on ‘my Personal Info’ and you can edit your Angels within that section.

If an Angel is deleted from the site and they have the original link – can they still access my information?
When you delete an Angel their link becomes invalid and they cannot access your information.

What do Angels have access to?
Angels have access to all areas on the site, so members should choose their Angels wisely. They should be people you can trust with personal information. And if a relationship changes with one of your Angels in a negative way, you should remove them from the list.

What if one of my Angels gets a new e-mail address?

As a member, you just need to delete them by clicking on "Edit my Account" button, which can be accessed through the ‘my Personal Info’ page. You simply delete that Angel, and enter their new information. That will add their new e-mail address into your book.

What if my Angel loses the e-mail?
They will be sent a new e-mail reminder every six months. If the member dies and their Angel has lost the link, they can contact, and they will guide you thru the process. However this is much more complicated due to security reasons, so it is very important to keep that e-mail in a safe place. Angels should consider printing a hard copy of the e-mail just in case.

How long will my Angels have access to my Book after I die?
One year. They will be reminded when access is about to expire.

Do “Angels” have access to this information before my death?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions. When they receive their confirmation e-mail, we tell them to not click on the link to your wishes until the appropriate time. If they do by mistake, which occasionally happens, there is a confirmation screen before they enter your online site with your wishes. Also, the member is notified that an Angel entered their site. Because Angels want access to the wishes immediately following a death, we are trying to keep it as simple and easy as possible. Some members actually encourage their Angels, who are usually family members, to enter their site because it promotes a dialogue about a subject people find hard to talk about.

Is there a way for Angels to view my information with permission prior to my death?
You can just tell them they can, and when you get the e-mail that someone is in your site, you can ignore it.

What if my Angel’s email address changes?
You can edit your Angels’ information inside of your book under ‘my Personal Info’. They will be sent a new link to use to access your online site with your wishes upon your death.

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