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You may be wondering what your new Angel role is all about. Hopefully, this section will help explain your responsibilities. Your loved one has become a member of to record their final wishes. Your role is to help make their final wishes a reality after their passing. Whether they want a 400-person party at their favorite museum or a small family gathering at their home, it’s your job to help make sure it happens. You may also want to consider becoming a member of so you can make your own final wishes known!

The Angel Process

  1. When your loved one signs up for an account on and chooses you as an Angel, you will receive an email with the option to accept or decline the offer.
  2. If you accept, you will receive another email with further instructions. If you decline, the process is over.
  3. Angels who accept need to save the email that was sent to them in a safe place (you may not have to use that link for many years!). You will be sent reminder emails every six months just in case you lose it. We also recommend printing a hard copy.
  4. When death occurs, click the link on the bottom of the saved email.
  5. This link will take you to your loved one’s Final Wishes page where you can download their pictures and letters and view their wishes.
  6. Your last step is to fulfill your loved one’s final wishes and deliver their letters.

What you need to know

  1. Being an Angel for a loved one will take away some of the stress family and friends feel after a loved one passes away. It eliminates the guesswork, because you’ll know what they wanted.
  2. Your loved one’s information will be kept on the site for one year after their death.
  3. If you have lost the email and there is an immediate need you can send an email to: to request a reminder email.
  4. If your email changes, let your family member/friend know so they can change your email in their Angel profile.
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