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How was born


MINNEAPOLIS (May 12, 2008) –, the new innovative web site for funeral planning, was founded in 2008 by Sue Kruskopf and Nancy Bush. Kruskopf is chief creative officer of Minneapolis-based Kruskopf Coontz, while Bush is an account executive with ClearChannel Radio in Minneapolis.


After attending a string of “typical” funerals (complete with droning organ music and stale sandwiches), Kruskopf saw a need for something different in the funeral industry. As a fun-loving person, she couldn’t imagine celebrating her life “in a 1960’s funeral home with hymnal Muzak playing softly in the background.” Nope, hers would be a party in a great restaurant with good food and wine – two of her favorite things.


A Baby Boomer herself, Kruskopf figured that the rest of her generation would feel the same. She was right. Traditional funerals are becoming a thing of the past, and Baby Boomers are leading the charge to find new ways to celebrate their life, death, and leave a legacy. This internet-savvy bunch wants as much control in their death as they did in their life.


The numbers are there too. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, 62 percent of Baby Boomers want “personalized funerals” and 71 percent do not want a “traditional funeral.” Even more interesting, 14 percent requested “a party in my honor.” 


According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 2.3 million people die every year, and by 2040 that number is expected to double. This means more of a demand for funerals, and a demand for more funeral options—all of which can be planned through


Nancy Bush, who is Kruskopf’s close friend, had also experienced far too many funerals and knew what a burden planning a funeral can be. But the tipping point came when her husband, John, was diagnosed with cancer in 2005. He lived for 10 months before succumbing to the disease in 2006 at age 53.


Even though an illness can give a person time to think about funeral plans, this was not the case with John. He felt that by “going there,” he would be giving up. There was no web site like, which Nancy felt would have made it easier for him to express personal wishes, and to leave letters and memories for his family.


After John’s death, Nancy found that she and her family were at the mercy of the traditional funeral home and what they had to offer. With the help of many friends, a memorable celebration was held that embodied John’s life. From this experience, the idea of was brought to life. was created by Kruskopf Coontz in conjunction with Clockwork, a web development firm.




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