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MINNEAPOLIS (May 12, 2008) – Two things in life are certain: death and taxes. And while there are plenty of options for filing your taxes online, there aren’t many options for planning the funeral you want. Enter is a groundbreaking, new web site that is bringing the typical funeral to life. In light of new funeral trends that have been emerging in recent years, it lets you plan your funeral, your way.


The site is easy to use. Simply create a customized “book” that reflects your life, and choose “Angels” that will make your final wishes known after your death. This not only ensures that you get the final farewell you want, but it also eases the burden on your loved ones. Here’s how works, and how you can use it to personalize your funeral.


  • Start by creating an account at
  • Pick up to six “Angels.” These will be the people who will have access to your account and who will implement your wishes. They have the option to accept or deny the role of Angel. Once they accept, they can review your book or print out a summary upon your death. They also have the option of an “Angel Boot Camp” which explains their new role. 
  • Create a personalized book depicting your unique and wonderful life. Features of the book include:


- Write your own obituary and design your own tombstone (if that’s what you want).

- Pick the music for your service.

- Leave letters to loved ones that will be delivered by your Angels.

- Upload favorite photos for your service or to be given to loved ones.

- Leave information and instructions about your pets. (Think Leona Helmsley.)

- Leave information about your children, in the event that friends or family have to care for them after your death.

- Share your favorite memories.

- Let family know where to find your important documents regarding financial accounts, insurance policies, and wills.

- Learn about funeral resources such as “green” funerals, organ donation, charitable donations, and financing your funeral.


The site gives you the option to plan every last detail of your funeral, or to leave certain decisions in the hands of your family and loved ones.


NOTE: Registered users can return to at any time to update or change their information. The site does not provide passwords or account numbers that would allow Angels or other family members to access financial accounts, but rather provides a list of institutions or companies that are responsible for those accounts. This enables Angels to know whom to contact to make arrangements.



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