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Funerals Looking More Like Weddings in 2011

Color Themes and Personalization New Trend in Funeral Services


MINNEAPOLIS, March 29, 2011 – Funeral services are finally getting some personality. Just like increasingly non-traditional weddings, in funerals everything from the color, theme, transportation and content of the service is in line for a major shake up, according to industry trend spotters.


“It’s like the last frontier of personal expression,” says Sue Kruskopf, co-founder of, a website where you can plan your own funeral. “We’re hearing so many of our members telling us and their loved ones that they don’t want the funeral their parents had—whether it’s rock music or a red hearse or entirely color themed services. We’ve seen it in weddings for quite a while now, and the personalization trend has now caught up with the funeral industry. “


Part of the reason for the personalization trend is the dramatic rise in cremations giving families more time to plan a personalized service. Given that, top three trends for 2011 according to Kruskopf are color-themed funerals, highly personalized funeral favors and environmentally friendly materials. members have requested a blue-themed service (commemorating a diver’s love of the ocean); personalized candy bar wrappers, and eco-friendly seed card programs that grow into flowers when planted. Other early trends on the horizon are pointing to more personalized hand made urns for cremation and after-service food items such as personalized fortune cookies. 


“Family members are now more focused on celebrating the lives of their loved ones than mourning their passing,” adds MWL co-founder Nancy Bush. “It’s about honoring last wishes – no matter how personal. And the best gift a person can leave their family is to say how they’d like to commemorated. It takes the burden off of the family at a difficult time.”


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About ( is a free on-line service to help people plan and personalize their funerals. In addition to specifying their wishes, some of the other popular features include leaving letters to loved ones, as well as  their favorite photos and music,  to letting them know where their “stuff” is.  You can also find resources for personalized items, green funeral services and much more. was founded in 2006 by advertising agency principal Sue Kruskopf and close friend Nancy Bush when Nancy’s husband died from cancer and discovered the difficulties and challenges of personalizing a funeral.

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