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Video Memorials

A great way to personalize a funeral service is to create a video memorial. These can promote healing by remembering the good times. Always consider the audience before agreeing to a video memorial, because some people may not be ready to revisit the life of the deceased in this way.

Ways to approach a video memorial:

Find a professional to help:

  • A professional can clean up pictures from the past, transfer photos into a slide show, develop a theme for the video, create a beginning and an end, and help edit film. These services can cost around $200.

Go it alone:

  • If you or another close family member or friend decide to make the video on your own it can cost next to nothing. The process will take time and effort, but is a great way to honor a loved one.

You could do this for a loved one or create your own funeral video. There are many companies now that will help you make your memorial video.

To find companies who create video memorials, click here.
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