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Entombment in a Mausoleum

This is an alternative to a traditional ground burial. The Taj Mahal is the most famous mausoleum in the world.

How it works: A mausoleum is a small building that houses bodies after a funeral. Bodies are entombed in aboveground crypts that block weather and protect the remains. People may choose a mausoleum because they are dry and clean aboveground, it is comparable in cost to a belowground burial, and it saves ground space.

The crypts come in singles and doubles. There are three types of double crypts:

  1. Tandem Crypts – Two entombments lengthwise in one crypt.
  2. Westminster Crypts – One entombment aboveground and the other below.
  3. Companion Crypts – Two entombments side by side.

Cost: The cost of a crypt in a mausoleum averages around $4,000, but can be found for around $2,000. This burial option can trend towards expensive, but if the mausoleum is rather large it is possible to share the costs.

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