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Body Donation

A person who donates their body has to be willing to give up the traditional funeral for scientific purposes. It is not common for friends and family to decide to donate your body after death, so pre-plan your body donation.

Why Donate: Medical schools are always willing to take in bodies to study, and are typically in need of more donors. The donation of bodies brings us one step closer to saving future lives through research.

What to do: Since medical schools cannot buy bodies or request bodies, a person has to seek out the school and offer their body for study. Anyone can donate their body; there are no demographic or psychographic tests to pass in order to be a candidate. It is important to plan your body donation with the institution ahead of time, because it can sometimes be required.

Other: Since body donation does not allow for a traditional funeral, family and friends typically hold a memorial service in honor of the deceased. Some donation programs will fund a memorial service as a thank you for donating. This means that the funeral process has a lower cost, because there is no casket, no service, no viewing, no burial plot, etc.

Keep in mind: If planning body donation for you or a loved one make sure you consult your/their religious director about body donation as many religions do not allow it within their faith.

To find a body donation institution near you, click here.

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