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Funeral Homes, Cemeteries and Crematories: We offer a customized version of our site which you can use as a value-added pre-need planning tool. Since the majority of our members are between the ages of 45 and 65, you can work with a client much earlier to pre-plan.  Our members have actually told us they had fun filling out their book--and they can do it online when and wherever they want. Click on the links below to see how it works. And please call 612-630-5129 or email for more information.

Hospice, Hospital or Assisted Living Centers: We help make the discussion of death much easier by giving your patients and residents a much more approachable way to let their wishes be known, and encourage discussion among family members. Click on the link below to see the brochure that is available for them, and call 612-630-5129 or email for more information.

Advertisers: We are in the process of putting together an advertising program. Currently we are offering space in our “Resources” or "Links We Love" sections of our site. We don’t feel it is appropriate to have advertising on our home page, or in our member’s books since it is such a personal experience.


All other inquiries, please contact or call her at


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