My Wonderful Life

Why Bother?

posted by Staff on WED OCT 17

Three reasons why you should care about planning and sharing your final wishes

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Funerals by Color Series: PINK

posted by Staff on MON JUL 30

Whether your loved one fought breast cancer or was an advocate for a cure, these ideas will honor their endearing spirit.

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A Cup of Christmas Tea

posted by Staff on TUE DEC 20

A member-submitted family tradition!

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Holidays Commemorating the Deceased

posted by Staff on MON OCT 24

In honor of upcoming Halloween festivities, here are some facts about how Halloween came to be, and the traditions of old that inspire the traditions of today.

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Fall-Inspired Funeral Trends

posted by Staff on FRI SEP 23

For the person who always loved the crisp fall air and crunchy leaves, these ideas will celebrate a life and a season that were full of welcomed change and vibrant with color.

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Final Celebration Locations

posted by Staff on TUE SEP 20

Creative ideas of places to hold your funeral or host your final celebration/memorial!

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Your Online Legacy: To be or not to be

posted by Staff on TUE AUG 30

Here are some things to think about when filling out your MWL book, or when you consider how much or how little of an online legacy you want to leave behind.

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Funerals by Color: GOLD

posted by Staff on WED JUL 13

Funerals by Color: GOLD. Planning your funeral, your way. The MWL blog is an extremely useful resource with information about everything from green funeral services to funeral favors and trends – all ideas you can incorporate into your last party!

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Funerals by Color: Military Week - Red, White, and Blue

posted by Staff on MON JUL 4

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy these ideas inspired by our stars and stripes!

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Memorial Day Customs for the Military

posted by Staff on MON MAY 30

Five ways the military pays their respects on Memorial Day!

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