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My Wonderful Life on Shark Tank

posted on 1/1/12 by Staff

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40 Previous comments:

(1) On January 19, 2012, Carter Eggen () said:
My cable service has more than 50 networks listed but unfortunatly none of them are ABC. I would like to see the program,but is there any other way?

Thanks, CE
(2) On January 19, 2012, Larry and Pat stotts () said:
Sue and Nancy....We are anxious to see you on Friday night on Shark Tank.Godd Luck!!!!
Larry and Pat
(3) On January 19, 2012, Sue & Nancy ( said:
ABC is a major network so we would love for you to double check to see that you don't get ABC. If you don't, you can always watch the show online! If you go to ABC's online player you should be able to watch. The link is

The show will be online the following day after it airs! Thanks for watching!
(4) On January 19, 2012, Karen () said:
I can't find you on this program listing for tonight. Is your part just not listed maybe? I REALLY want to see it!!!!!
(5) On January 19, 2012, DORA () said:
Dear Sue and Nancy,

I can't wait to watch you tomorrow swimming with the sharks. I am very curious about your business proposition and the implications that the outcome could have on the service you currently offer to us. Good luck tomorrow! :)
(6) On January 20, 2012, Andrew ( said:
Good luck on tonight's appearance on Shark Tank! The new season is gearing up to be awesome, it's great that you're a part of it!

We'd love to interview you about your appearance sometime soon

Have a good one

(7) On January 20, 2012, Maureen () said:
Congratulations on landing the Shark Tank! It's one of the best shows on TV and I'm so happy you have this opportunity.
We would love for you to contact Sue directly about any interview opportunities. Please email her at and CC Thanks for your interest! Staff
(9) On January 20, 2012, Peter Sheeahn () said:
You have a good idea, but I think you were their too early.

I would love to talk to you about some strategic marketing ideas that can tweak this model where you are not depending on individual consumers money. I built and sold a software company in healthcare.

Good luck - stick with it.
(10) On January 20, 2012, Bonnie () said:
Saw you on Shark Tank. Even though they did not go for it YET, you have just had fabulous advertising for a much needed company. Thank you for this! Great idea.
(11) On January 20, 2012, Tania () said:
After having to plan unexpected funerals while in overwhelming grief, I think your idea is fabulous! Do you need a facebook page......people start sharing your link and the word gets out!
(12) On January 20, 2012, Linda () said:
Stupid,Stupid,Stupid.....not you, but the idiots on Shark Tank!!! What a great idea! It's in the same category as a Will. People will either put it off, do not know how, or just too busy. Cannot believe not one of them could not have made a deal with you and then helped out with the money making. Isn't that what they are suppose to do???? Sorry, but you tried. I know I am not the only one who went directly to your web site while watching.
The guys are really jerks. Keep it up!!
Good Luck...Linda

(13) On January 20, 2012, Bobbie () said:
Saw you on Shark Tank.
I recommend that you have a Premium account for $5 a month or better when paid annually(affordable) that offers video uploads, a desired guest(contact)list, and a legal will. You should also add more dynamic themes and MapQuest and funeral invite options as well. One thing I have looked for online was a will and a place to state my wishes if I was in an accident and on life-support--in a profile format such as this. I am just 38 and not planning on kicking the bucket but no one is promised tomorrow so having an account that defines wishes for even those who have young children means something. I think that would appeal to a larger audience than just the elderly. Hopefully it will all work out.
(14) On January 20, 2012, Kristi ( said:
You did a nice job on the show - that's a tough crowd. Keep up the good work and don't give up!
(15) On January 20, 2012, Kebbie () said:
I just finished watching the Shark Tank episode. I thought your presentation was great. I immediately went to the website. I think it is a great idea. Hang in there ladies.
If you ever need a sales person, I would love to sell this product. I am a believer..I will spread the word.

(16) On January 20, 2012, tiffany () said:
This is such a great idea! I am so excited to sign up & prepay for everything! Seen you on shark tank, don't get discouraged this is a wonderful, helpful idea.
(17) On January 20, 2012, Tom () said:
They were fools to not invest. You have the next Facebook. Not everyone joins Facebook, but everyone dies. They missed your point. How can I invest?
(18) On January 20, 2012, Julie () said:
Hi Ladies,

Just watched Shark Tank. I agree with the points the sharks made about your business, but they should have looked at the website. It's very welcoming and positive. I'm in my forties, but am thinking about registering with you and telling friends for sure.

Love the "green" options, and all the planning tools. Yes, I would like a pre-paid service already planned to spare my family the stress.

Shine on, ladies. I wish you the best!
(19) On January 20, 2012, George Bernard ( said:
Great Idea , Good Luck , Enjoyed Your Presentation...Peace gb
(20) On January 20, 2012, Julie () said:
Hi Ladies,

Just watched Shark Tank. I agree with the points the sharks made about your business, but they should have looked at the website. It's very welcoming and positive. I'm in my forties, but am thinking about registering with you and telling friends for sure.

Love the "green" options, and all the planning tools. Yes, I would like a pre-paid service already planned to spare my family the stress.

Shine on, ladies. I wish you the best!
(21) On January 20, 2012, Theresa L. Jimenez () said:
Hello! Just watched you on Shark Tank. You ladies are genius. This is the future and you are on the way to only success!

Thank you,
(22) On January 20, 2012, Susan () said:
I am signing up because of the show tonight. I liked what I saw and I think that they will regret not investing. You may still have a few kinks to work out, but I think this is something who's time has come.
(23) On January 21, 2012, Gail () said:
Ladies, congratulations on pursuing such a great idea. The Sharks definitely missed the mark. As a 40 year old single mother I would be interested in the pre-planning as well as the pre-payment option and will preparation. I love the idea of using the site as a way to send out invitations, have a signature book for loved ones to leave messages, etc. I think it's a great idea to book it through insurance companies and earn revenue through commissions. You also have several opportunities for revenue Through advertising on the site. I would also consider partnering or adding with a site like Suze Orman or Kiplinger Money who offer financial tracker programs so your family can locate your insurance policies, any will or trusts, all of my legal documents, insurance policies in one place. Go for it!!! Think big ladies. You have a great idea here.
God bless and food luck,
(24) On January 21, 2012, Chip Meadows () said:
Ladies great job last night on the shark tank. I love what you have put togeather here. I wish you the best of luck, and again great Idea.
(25) On January 21, 2012, Jan ( said:
I echo the comments of both your customers and the sharks. While watching the show, your idea immediately caught my interest, and while watching (prerecorded on TiVo), I came directly to your site. I'm a Pennsylvania attorney who works primarily with small businesses and nonprofits and with estate planning, but my visit to your site came from a more immediate personal interest: my mother is in the end stages of Alzheimer's and I'm in the process of getting her hospice care and starting to plan for her memorial.

While watching, though, my attorney hat went back on when I heard the sharks' comments on your lack of exclusivity and protecting your brand. I notice on your site you don't even have a mark on your company logo showing a common-law trademark or service mark. You MUST protect your brand and your interests if you expect to have investors and to make any profits for yourselves and your families.

I don't recall which of them said you came to them too early, but that was spot-on. Think through your branding and marketing, negotiate with potential partners with a view to protecting your interests rather than placidly accepting nonexclusive or unprotected arrangements; THEN look for others to invest in your concept.

Best of luck to you; you have a GREAT concept and a good start on making it succeed. You just have to slow down a bit and protect yourselves before your eagerness to run results in someone swooping in and stealing your thunder!

I will use your site for my family needs and I'll let others know about it as well. Take care.
(26) On January 21, 2012, Kelly () said:
I just watched you on Shark Tank and love your idea. I have been struggling with my parents and my in~laws on getting any info out of them about their final wishes. I tell them if they don't plan ahead and the decision is left up to me I will donate their bodies to science. Kudos to you ladies, I am passing this website on to them.Thanks.
(27) On January 21, 2012, jim Hawkins () said:
I think that you have a great idea with this. I think that this helps people put down their wishes in a convenient format. But, I think the Sharks were right in stating that if you don't protect the idea that you have, others will take the idea and imitate it, and possibly lock you out of your own business.
(28) On January 21, 2012, Mrs. Boykin () said:
I hope you utilize the free advice they gave so that your business will grow.
I just saw you guys on shark tank

I have one question....I hope you dont mind me asking this....I am not trying to knock your business model in any way

So here is my question:

But what is the point of throwing a party for my funeral when I wont even be aware of it?

<a href="">How to Make Ribbon Flowers</a>
(30) On January 21, 2012, Betsie () said:
I saw the show and love your idea. Please take their advice and protect your product. After that, I am sure you will be able to get all the investors you need. This concept is great and very helpful. I will certainly use this product.
(31) On January 21, 2012, Amy () said:
Just saw you on Shark Tank! Tough crowd, but I think you've got a great idea! Don't let them bring you down! I went to your site immediately and will continue to look into it!
Best of luck to you ladies! :)

Age 38
(32) On January 21, 2012, Pat () said:
Ladies, watched you on Shark Tank last night and after the show went to your website. I loved the idea as soon as I heard it. My father died recently and it's been a nightmare trying to figure out what he had, where he had it and how to move forward with his estate. It really made my sister, husband and me realize how important preplanning can be. I'm 57 and my husband is 60.
We now have begun the process on your sight. There are a lot of elements to pull together, many of which people just don't think about.

I'm sure you'll read everyone's comments and suggestions and take them to heart. It's a wonderful idea but I agree there's more work to be done including protecting your idea before others infringe upon all your hard work (hopefully no one has already done that).

I'll be recommending this to my friends and family and hope your appearance on 'Shark Tank' and word-of-mouth will be helpful.

Thanks again for a great service; I wish you all the best and success.

(33) On January 22, 2012, Michael ( said:
Great idea. Sorry to see them reject your business. But, from having watched the other seasons, if you have not made money, man it has to be a good idea for them to take it.

Best of luck.

(34) On January 25, 2012, Beverly Copeland () said:
Great idea. I do have some suggestions. I personally have tried to make my own dlsk with music and pictures to plan my own memorial. I have had many problems doing so. I feel you should charge more Just for the setting up and storing their information. Maybe around 24. 00. Also Add An option for them to put in their music preferences then add the pictures they have selected and make the disk for them 4 for an extra charge and then mail it to them immediately. If I had any resources right now, I would gladly buy into your company with some of the changes mentioned. Good luck.
(35) On January 25, 2012, Sarah () said:
Brilliant idea. I am literally watching shark tank right now and had to check out this website. I am only 24, but my friends and I do talk about how we want our funerals to be a huge celebration. I am absolutely going to do this and spread the word. I work at a hospital doing pr and marketing and I think it would be great to partner with hospitals especially the Palliative and Hospice centers. Fantastic idea!!! With you all the best!
(36) On January 25, 2012, Deborah Holman () said:
Saw you on Shark Tank and immediately connected with your idea. My mother passed away just 6 weeks ago. She said she wanted NOTHING for a service. My siblings and I just couldn't let that happen. But, there are 8 of us and we just couldn't bear the thought of standing in a long line while people pass through to speak to us for about 30 seconds. So,we held a wonderful luncheon in her honor, with a power point presentation about her life running the whole time. It was WONDERFUL! So many people came up to us and said that was they would like for their "final party". Your product helps validate alternative "end-of-life" events and for that I thank you. I have already begun creating "My Wonderful Life" and will be sure to share the site with others.

Deb H in CT
(37) On January 26, 2012, Jared Skarda () said:
Sue and Nancy,

I just caught your presentation on Shark Tank. I was not aware that the show had started back up, but fortunately my DVR caught it. I'm a licensed funeral director, but I've done many things in this industry, including working as a director of training for the second largest death care provider, and a regional marketing director for an online obituary site founded by the gentleman that founded (I'm sure you know the site). I'm currently with a stationary and funeral supply company. I'm a second generation funeral director with over 20 years of vast experience in the industry.

I think you have a fantastic idea, but I believe the key to your success lies in partnering with funeral homes and not insurance companies. Funeral homes all partner with different insurance companies to fund their pre-arranged services so you don't want to box them in. Funeral homes will also more than likely be the ones coordinating the preplanned service at the time of need. Funeral homes can be slow to move on to new ideas, but this economy, along with a new generation of funeral directors, is forcing many funeral directors to think outside the box. The choice of a funeral home has typically been dictated by very tight geographical limits, but you are offering unique services which could be handled regionally. This can certainly help in limiting the amount of partners you need and also offer a great deal of exclusivity in a territory to your funeral home partners.

I'm not a venture capital guy, but I am an idea guy with a ton of experience in this unique industry. I really do think you may be on to something, but you need the proper channel to get the exposure needed to be successful. If you would like to contact me I will gladly bounce some ideas off of you and maybe give you some industry contacts to get this thing off the ground. Feel free to email me at the address I provided, or you can find me on LinkedIn.

My very best,

Jared Skarda
(38) On February 9, 2012, Joe () said:
Hahahaha! This is the stupidest idea ever!
(39) On February 26, 2012, Christine Caver () said:
I can't find how to edit previously entered information, in particular, how to delete some of my photos.
(40) On March 3, 2012, Sheila () said:
I saw you two appear on Shark Tank and was very impressed with your concept of giving people a website that they can use to leave their dying wishes to be carried out for them after their gone. The thought of living a will behind, even though I know it is necessary, seems cold, unfeeling and too much like a formality. Your website allows a person to put their personal touch on something that will let family and friends know that "this was done exactly the way she wanted it". Thank you for thinking of others. The willingness of your hearts comes thru beautifully. I will definitely become a member.

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