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Funerals by Color Series: BROWN

posted on 6/25/12 by Staff


This wooden urn would definitely be a popular choice with any rugged type. The earthy wooden tones are perfect for any nature lover. Their heart may have been with the outdoors, but their soul always belonged to you. For a traditional burial, this wooden casket made of solid Black Walnut has a lovely rustic look. Believe it or not, there is actually a flower called the Chocolate Cosmo, it would make a great boutonniere or bouquet. Bring some of the outdoors inside for a nature-themed funeral. Centerpieces could include plants and flowers, accompanied by some snacks such as pretzels and peanuts for a pub theme! If your loved one had a taste for beer, be sure to grab their favorite brew (or whiskey) and make a toast in their honor. Brown colored programs can also be part of the theme, as they will be something everyone holds on to and takes home with them!


Image Source: Shot Glass

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