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Shark Tank Update

posted on 5/18/12 by Sue Kruskopf, Co-Founder

There is more and more chatter on line about what happens after companies appear on ABC's "Shark Tank." I thought it would be a good time to post on this because it is ALL GOOD! The connections we've made once we sorted through our emails (and got rid of the crazies) have been amazing. More on that later...

The reality is from what I've read online is that the Sharks do a deal on TV with about 50% of the companies based on past shows. But what happens after is that only about half of those actually get funded--and sometimes it is the entrepreneur that decides not to do the deal, because the Shark's idea,

So while we didn't get an investment, the quality of people that came through have been amazing. If you have a great idea that has the potential to make money, i think people--and companies--will find you.

So as Nancy and I are following up on a number of opportunities, we'll let you know.

Thanks again for your support of our site--we couldn't do it without you.....

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(1) On May 18, 2012, Kataryn Lauren () said:
I did see your presentation on Sharks and thought the concept was unique and certainly there is a market there for this program.

Though I am now a lawyer, I spent many years in the past as a Public Health Nurse involved in grief counseling and Psychiatric Nurse while attending law school.

Most individuals have not prepared for their death, as most just tend to deny the event is within close range. I am going to use you site to plan my " Departure to the Light" event, and advise you when finished if you site gets it a done deal . ~

Thank you for allowing a free structuring.

Kataryn {Difficult to read you two words with font you are using
(2) On May 21, 2012, Mary Lou () said:
Can't read it either. Can you print it smaller?
(3) On May 25, 2012, Girl () said:
Please learn to format your text so that I can read your whole blog post. Checking for grammar might be a good idea too...
(4) On May 25, 2012, edward maguire () said:
I have built distributions systems for a few companies. I saw your presentation on Shark Tank. You left out some very important information. The sharks exhibited a limilted knowledge of your busiesss. Your 5,000 funeral stimate is low. We consistentently issues at 10,000.00 to 15,000. The sharks will be interested but you may not need them.
We alredy do this business except not online. I do not want to steal your dream however. I beleive you have two glitches in your offering. If I don't hear from you soon I have already sent tickets for one of my marketing attorneys to be in Illinois at 5:45pm Sat. I do want to speak if you turn me down I will go forward. No harm intended. Many great idea die on the drawing board but of the smallest missing part.
(5) On May 25, 2012, Carolyn Dawson () said:
After seeing your demonstration on Shark Tank I have started My Wonderful Life book ... however, I had done this in hardcopy and find that a few wishes that I have chosen are not part of your offering, such as what type of funeral service you do not have a PRIVATE (family only) option. Otherwise, I love this and will use it.

Will you be offering this as an app for smart phone users?
(6) On May 25, 2012, edward () said:
Please excuse my not proof reading my last message. Typing is usually handled by efficient people who were not at the gathering at my home Friday night. Not withstanding my mistep I understand your idea and applaud it.
(7) On May 25, 2012, Helen Scott () said:
Certainly this industry is not a dying business, in fact people are dying to give you business. I just think that possibly changing the business model a bit may help. Perhaps, marketing directly to funeral homes as a service model. I know that there are mortuaries and funeral homes that sell pre-need services, in fact I once did some sales on a commission basis and actually did well with cold calling. I also had the opportunity to work within a funeral home assisting with the preparation in (9) services.

I think you have a great idea, and I encourage you to press on. There is a great need for this, but I believe people have to be educated to the benefits that go beyond the obvious.

Timing is also very important. I am sure you can see the value in marketing to persons who recently have had to experience the transition of a loved one who had no plans or idea of how or what to do. What a great place to start building a base to educate and capture the need to make a decision and be proactive. From the sales point of view this is the best strategic time to make and close the sale.

You might also consider adding to the model a work from home computer generated phone sales team that is comission with a bonus structure based. (Something to think about)

I would love an opportunity to work with you or for you in this endeavor. My career experiences include Administrative, Sales, Customer Service, and Human Resources.

Continued success as you move forward in your passion for a wonderful life.


(8) On May 26, 2012, Henry Sawicki, Jr () said:
This is an awesome website Ladies!
and, thank you for keeping it up and going! My beloved Mom passed away on:
November 3, 2009. My parents had nothing pre-paid or pre-planned. The message I want to get out to everyone is.....if financially possilbe, have it pre-paid and pre-planned. When it was all said and done with my Mom's arrangements, the total was: $18,500.00. A big chunk all at one time? but if it would have cost one million dollars? and I had that kind of money, I would not even think twice! Mom's are priceless! Having said of the many hardest things was......sitting in a conference room, and sitting across the table from a stranger, who wants me to pick the color of my beloved Mom's casket. If that step would have been pre-planned, one less thing for me not have to decide, in my horrible time of grief.

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