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Memorial Jewelry

posted on 5/7/12 by Staff

After someone passes away, comfort can be found in the little things, whether it’s the smell of their perfume or that necklace they always wore. Memorial jewelry can be a reminder of those who’ve gone. Here are some unique ideas!

The name ring with three interconnecting bands allows you to engrave three different names, dates, or words on the metal. You could get the names of three grandparents, friends, or the names of three people that are closest to you (even if they are still living or have passed away). You could even engrave the person’s name on one band, their birth date on another, and their nickname on the last. Be creative!

Put a picture of your loved one in a memorial locket, or a picture of something they admired. Some lockets are even meant to hold ashes.

The heart necklace could be a gift to someone struggling with a loss. It’s inscription reads, “I carry your heart in my heart forever.”

The necklace with the angel wing is sold on Etsy. You're able to personalize it with your loved ones name or title (e.g. John, Grandpa). You can even get a birthstone or pearls added for an extra cost.

Another artist on Etsy sells a beautiful hammered silver pendant. It comes double sided with a raised heart on the back (or can come plain without the heart.) It can come hammered or plain. The artist asks that you send him a letter with your loved ones signature, and he will etch it in the silver for you!

Get a remembrance ring in honor of your pets. This particular ring was customized for a family and all of their dogs, living and deceased. Each bead was chosen in honor of a particular dog. 

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