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posted on 4/10/12 by Staff

Whether you’re a member planning your own DIY funeral, or in need of some ways to simplify planning a funeral for another, MWL rounded up a few of our ideas that could save you time and money to add some personal flair to your final party. If you have any ideas, make sure to leave a comment at the end of this post!

Funerals by Color Pick a theme

We recently got an email from a member and MWL Angel that used our site to plan a funeral for a loved one. They said that while grieving, it was nice to have tasks they could cross off a list, one by one. If you leave behind a detailed description, or even just an idea of a theme, your loved ones might have an easier time planning your last celebration while also mourning your loss.

ProgramsPrint your own funeral programs

My Wonderful Life wanted to provide a way for people to print their own programs as a way to save time and money when planning a loved ones funeral or organizing their last wishes. We had our own designers make four different options that people are able to edit on their own in a Word document.

Grief BuffetFood preparations

Try these easy-to-make and delicious options for grieving families.

Memory JarsRemembering loved ones

This is a cute idea that has many possibilities. Memory jars allow friends and family to write down fond memories. This jar could be an activity at the funeral, perhaps next to the attendance book. It can also be a special reminder when you are in need of remembering something special about your loved one.

Memory CollagesHonoring a loved ones memory

Making a memory board is a nice way to display tiny trinkets, letters, and memories of those who have passed away. This is something you could frame to put on the wall, or make a memory box that’s buried with the deceased. 

Funeral Favors - Add a little flair to your funeral.

Favors are a great way to customize your funeral and add a little fun. After all, it is supposed to be a life celebration, right?

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