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Funerals by Theme: EXOTIC

posted on 1/10/12 by Staff

For the avid traveler who has seen exotic places and surrounded themselves with fascinating cultures.

If they loved to travel, put a world map on a pinboard to display at the funeral. That way everyone can see where their travels have led them. If they wish to be cremated, scatter their ashes at a far away place that would suite them well. Use programs or thank you notes to reflect a part of their favorite culture. Sometimes flowers mean different things in different countries. Using these different meanings might bring an interesting style to a funeral that you wouldn’t have originally thought of. The hearse, if needed, doesn’t need to be black. Decorating the hearse might be something the family could do together in honor of the deceased. Funeria has many beautiful urns with many distinctive styles to choose from. Toast to a life well lived with these wild hibiscus cocktails.


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