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Must-see Cemeteries

posted on 10/19/11 by Staff

Cemeteries might not seem like a go-to destination for the living, but a lot of history resides within cemetery walls around the world. Below we highlight some of the most beautiful and interesting cemeteries that deserve to be admired not only for their beauty, but also for their ability to remind us of the past. No matter how pleasant or tragic, we must simply remember.

Weißensee Cemetery

Located in the Weißensee neighborhood in Berlin, Germany, this cemetery was designed by a renowned German archictect, Hugo Licht. Built in 1672 on 100 acres of land, it reached capacity by 1827.

Pictured below: In WWII, Jews used the mausoleum of famous Opera singer Joseph Schwarz to hide from persecution. The roof could be accessed by the skylight over the tomb.


Powązki Cemetery

Powązki Cemetery was established on November 4, 1790 and one of the only places in Warsaw to survive WWII. It is known for the illustrious individuals buried there, including those along the "Avenue of Notables" (Aleja Zasłużonych) that was established in 1925. A full list can be seen here.

Pictured below: Member-submitted photos inside the cemetery.


Highgate Cemetery

Opened in 1839, the Highgate Cemetery in London was built as part of a plan to provide seven large, modern cemeteries (known as the "Magnificent Seven") around the outside of London. Its most famous occupant is Karl Marx, who is located in the East cemetery. Tours to see famous graves are given, but more historical areas of the cemetery are now off limits to the unaccompanied due to vandalism issues.

Pictured below: The Tomb of Karl Marx



Image Source: Highgate, SchwarzWeißensee, Powązki

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