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posted on 10/13/11 by Staff

My Wonderful Life (MWL) recently found a story about the inventor of Doritos. After his recent passing, everyone at his funeral tossed a Dorito into his grave. This got us wondering what other creative things people do to honor their late loved ones.

A member sent us this photo after our post last week on memory jars, a DIY project for people to beautifully encapsulate the memory of a loved one. This member chose to frame important items and mementos in a collage, rather than in a jar. MWL thought this idea was equally beautiful and timeless, and wanted to share it with all of our readers. This was made as a gift for her grandmother while she was alive around 20 years ago, and was a beautiful keepsake to display at the wake. Those in attendance really appreciated it.

Here are some things that were included in the collage above that you can use as inspiration! 

  • An old style shoe buckle – pictured upper left.
  • A pink bow – the true meaning of which has been long forgotten, but an interesting addition because Ruth battled breast cancer later in life.
  • A hair curler – pictured lower left.
  • White Nylons – tied into a bow, these nylons used to be part of Ruth’s nursing outfit. The photo on the lower left is Ruth standing in front of the Asbury Nurses Home.
  • A thimble, thread, and spool – pictured upper right.
  • A pink button – from the outfit she wore to her eldest son’s wedding.
  • A card from her husband John – pieces of which are throughout the collage, the most notable reads “With Love, Husband John.”
  • A crochet needle and baby booties – Ruth was well known for her crocheted booties and hats. The winter hats she crocheted for everyone at Christmas will forever be treasured by our family.
  • Photos of Ruth – these photos remind us of Ruth as a young girl, a wife, a loving mother, and a nurse. She was a woman who was always taking care of others.


Other things you could include in a collage

  • Something that relates to their career: a pen if they were a writer, a paintbrush if they were a painter, a nail if they were a carpenter, a badge if they were in the military.
  • Wedding mementos: a hanky, tie, or garter
  • Recipes or photos of a favorite dish or dessert


What would you include?

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