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Jar Full of Memories

posted on 10/3/11 by Staff

Green initiatives have made some think twice about what they put into the ground, so we found some interesting ways people can honor their loved ones by starting a memorial box to keep in their home. This way, precious keepsakes that people might normally want to be buried with, can be kept and treasured every day. Here are some different types of memory jars we came across that would be a beautiful addition to any home.



Memory Tree

Write fond memories or send warm wishes with this memory tree. Just attach each note to individual branches and protect them with a glass dome.


Noteful Reminders

Use colorful scraps of paper and have your family members write a small note to the deceased. Keep them in a mason jar to display. This is a simple and easy way to reminisce about a loved one who has passed away.


Memory Capsule

Whether you want to highlight an important event in your loved ones life, or whether you just want a place for treasured keepsakes, take the time to put a meaningful jar together. Get the whole family involved, or even make several jars so that all members of the family can have one to keep. You could even pass them around and take turns!


How do you remember your loved one?

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