My Wonderful Life

Final Celebration Locations

posted on 9/20/11 by Staff

Members have told us that one of the hardest parts of filling out their My Wonderful Life book is deciding where to host their last party, whether it’s the location of their funeral or a venue for a final party following a service. We hope that these ideas will inspire you, and if you have a creative way to say goodbye, we would love to hear from you!

We also started a Pinterest page with a board dedicated to Final Celebration Locations, which we will update to give you our latest suggestions and ideas!

This reminded the MWL staff of the movie Tangled, except the lanterns are floating in the water and not the air. Have family members write letters or memories and send them away into the ocean.


If an ocean goodbye isn’t possible, a quaint family picnic in your favorite meadow or park can be a great way for your family to spend time together and ruminate over fond memories.


If your family is Irish, or just act like they are, have a gathering at your favorite pub. You could even choose a shot for your whole family to take in your honor!


If you choose to be cremated, perhaps you want your family members to embark on a journey to scatter your ashes by finding your favorite camping spot or hiking trail.


If a seaside burial interests you, check out Eternal Reefs, a Georgia company that offers underwater, eco-friendly burials. They mix human remains with concrete and create "reef balls," which are then submerged. The reefs go on to support living habitats of ocean coral and sea sponges.

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