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Funerals by Color Series: PINK

posted on 7/30/12 by Staff

Whether your loved one fought breast cancer or was an advocate for a cure, these ideas will honor their endearing spirit.

Passing out pink ribbons at the funeral will be a great reminder of their strength and support of a cause. Donations could also be given to organizations that give proceeds to finding a cure. These cupcakes were used for a wedding, but a funeral is just as good of a reason to celebrate someone’s legacy with a little added sugar on top. Printable programs give you more options that funeral homes tend to, and this way you get to decide exactly what goes in them. This casket would be a beautiful place to let your loved one rest peacefully, especially with the pretty pink lining. Display a wreath of flowers to adorn the casket or to put along side it. Take your final ride in a pink hearse, which will certainly be noticed in a procession! At the end of the day, raise a glass to your loved ones strength and courage and to the persistence of their mind, body, and soul.


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(1) On July 31, 2012, Robin S. () said:
I LOVE IT! Wish I had thought of it! Great idea. Going to start on it before I finish my "Bucket List".
(2) On July 31, 2012, Robin S. () said:
I was told that when you prepay your funeral, you are not getting the benefit of TODAY'S prices. It only ensures that the funeral home gets your business in advance. You actually wind up paying the price at the time of death, regardless of prepaid agreement.
If you agree to pay 10K today (in writing) and you live 10 more years; and the price for the same services goes up to 20K, you only get 10K worth of funeral services! Don't be fooled.
This is not correct. There are two parts to the agreement, the part that guarantees the services, i.e. transportation to the funeral home, services like embalming, viewing, memorial services, church/chapel services, transportation to the cemetery and most often the casket. The cost that are not guaranteed are death certificates, burial permits and merchandise such as registry books, prayer cards, flowers, etc.

You are probably thinking of final expense insurance. This insurance is for a dollar amount and does not address the funeral goods and services.

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