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Funerals by Color: Military Week - Red, White, and Blue

posted on 7/4/11 by Staff

Today, as Americans, we celebrate our independence and our freedom. A day filled with booming fireworks, smoldering BBQs, and frolicking children, we settle down with our friends and families in backyards and parks across the entire country. MWL would like to honor this spirit of pride with ideas inspired by our stars and stripes. Enjoy our red, white, and blue themed Funerals by Color series, in honor of the liberty and justice bestowed on us by our great nation. 

These bomb pop cupcakes certainly remind us of those hot summer nights out at the ballpark with our families. Honor your loved one by providing a piece of that memory to your family members once more. Check out this tabletop setting with a red, white, and blue theme. They are a great idea for an intimate family meal or place settings at a memorial service or party. The urn you choose should reflect the personality and spirit of your loved one. If they served in the military, perhaps this American flag urn can remind your family of the commitment they made to our country. Wreaths have long been used as symbols of death and mourning, in which they were thought to form an eternal circle that indicated farewell and provided hope for meeting again in eternity. They can adorn the casket or sit along side it as a decoration. If your loved one had national pride but isn’t eligible for military honors and the draping of the flag over the coffin as a pall, get a coffin decorated with the image of a flag. For the ride to the cemetery, make sure every car has an American flag displayed proudly in the procession. And last but not least, make sure to remember their love of their country this 4th of July with sparklers and wearing American flag themed ribbons.

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