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Funerals by Color: ORANGE

posted on 6/20/11 by Staff

Terry’s aunt Nancy lived and thrived in Florida for most of her adult life. She grew up near an orange grove, surrounded by sunshine and happiness that seemed to filter through her entire being. She always found a way to give it back to those she loved and cared for. A court-appointed guardian for eight children, two of whom weren’t of any relation, Nancy was always putting others above herself. This is why Terry made sure they pampered Nancy with some of her favorite things even after she passed away. Here are a few ideas from Nancy’s funeral, peppered with orange and sunshine-themed items, meant to recreate the feeling you got simply by being around Nancy.

Terry got arrangements of orange flowers for the wake and for the funeral, and one arrangement adorned the top of the casket. After the funeral service, Terry made sure to have Nancy’s favorite dessert, pineapple upside-down cake, and there was also a “candy bar” with orange treats and other candies with orange wrappers. Tropical drinks were passed around the room for a toast in Nancy’s honor. Custom-colored orange fortune cookies also joined the other treats at the candy bar. Nancy was buried in a beautiful Valencia stained casket. However, if cremation is the wish of your loved one, you can consider these lovely Saggar fired urns.

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