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Top 10 Ways to Commemorate Your Pet

posted on 6/16/11 by Staff

Pets are like members of the family, so it's important to honor their memory too. Here are a few ideas!



You give the designer a photo or two of your beloved pet, and receive a beautiful custom-made mosaic! "You choose whether you prefer a border around the edge of the stone, whether you would like your pet's name on the stone - or not, whether you would like a glass heart added to the stone, whether you prefer subtle or bright colors, etc. There is no extra charge to customize."

Keep the names of your horse/horses on this charm necklace. There is even a horseshoe pressed into the metal!

This is one of the most interesting memorial stones that the MWL staff found. Place it at the site of the burial or just in your backyard as a reminder of your loyal pet and friend.

This memorial quilt is around 3 square feet, has 12 personalized custom squares and one larger portrait square in the center. The designer will work closely with you to capture your most treasured memories of your pet within the squares.

A great way to keep your pets memory alive during the holidays or family celebrations. This 5" memorial plate is perfect for a dipping bowl, a kids dish, or a small dessert plate.

Paw Print charm for a necklace (or bracelet). Affordable, and a way to keep your pets memory close to your heart. 

Made of earthenware clay, this ornament (or wall mount) can be put out year round or just at Christmas time. This particular plaque may be a bit too big for your tree, but smaller options are also available.

An outdoor garden statue for you pets. The designer makes cats, frogs, bunnies, and dog statues as well!

Cast your love for your pet in stone with these stone necklaces: a footprint and a paw print side by side.

Green Cat Eye Cuff Links! This is one of the most unique ideas we found, but a memorial nonetheless!


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