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Living Will/Advanced Directive Parties

posted on 5/18/11 by Staff

Host an event where you and all your friends fill out a living will online! Using LegalZoom can help you through the process step by step and they even provide a free Health Care Power of Attorney. Through LegalZoom, you can appoint the person with whom you trust to make healthcare decisions for you in the chance that you are not capable of doing so.

After you’ve all finished with your living will, you can take the time to fill out MWL’s book regarding your final wishes! All of you can have some fun discussing what requests you have for your funeral! Make sure to consult our blog series "Funerals by Color" for inspiration and look back at our Facebook and Twitter posts for great articles we found about cool ideas others have planned for their own funerals. Perhaps you will even want to be fashionably late to your own funeral like Elizabeth Taylor!


Information About Hosting a Will Party

What is a will party?

A will party is a great event to host for your friends and family so that all of you can complete your living wills, trusts (estate planning documents), health care alternatives, and powers of attorney.

How do you host a will party?

A will party can be facilitated by a professional (some law offices offer this service), or you can all go to which offers basic and comprehensive living will packages for a very affordable price. Make sure you know your states advanced care directives which can be found here:

More information can also be found at the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization website. This organization is a non-profit that deals with end-of-life issues. Its website ( has resources for end-of-life care. Or call the toll-free help line at 800-658-8898.

Some law offices may also give discounted rates to those who get enough family and friends to participate, so make it a family potluck, because you know most of them can’t turn down your home cooked meals!


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