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Funerals by Color Series: PURPLE

posted on 7/2/12 by Staff


If you ever had a “fancy Nancy” in your life, boutonnieres and wristlets or gorgeous purple centerpieces are subtle ways to pay tribute to their endearing and stylish legacy. At MWL we especially love the pretty little flowers that adorn the top of these “pretty in purple” cupcakes. Desserts aren’t the only things that could have a color scheme; drinks could too. Take a look at these Martinis, a purple drink with royal flavor. If a traditional burial is the wish of your loved one, make sure they are buried in style in this purple casket with a white velvet interior. The Becket Casket, featured on the lower left, is a shrine for Archbishop Thomas Becket, however you could design your own and place objects that were important to your loved one inside. Don't forget the programs! MWL loves all the fantastic artists who create beautiful items for sale on

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