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Most Popular Foods to Find at a Grief Buffet

posted on 4/25/11 by Staff


The recipe for Amish Friendship Bread, actually more akin to cake than bread, makes enough starter for several loaves. Share the excess starter amongst your friends to continue propagating the recipe and to serve as a reminder that your loved ones memory lives on within all of you. Midwestern Casseroles and hot-dishes can be quickly prepared ahead of time and frozen, ready for your family get-together when you are. Individually served, and not too heavy or sweet, these Cheesecake Wine Gelees give new meaning to having some cheese with that wine. This Mac & Cheese recipe claims to be the “best thing since both macaroni and cheese,” and this take on Southern Soul food triple-dog-double-dares you to prove otherwise. To add a little ambiance to the funeral meal, how about serving an Appetizer Spread- finger foods at their finest, from salami chips to mini hot dogs. 

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