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Funerals by Color Series: SILVER

posted on 6/11/12 by Staff


Silver Hershey’s Kisses can be personalized with quotes, dates, names or initials. Perhaps Aunt Betty had some words of wisdom she would love to leave behind! Cherished photos can be kept near and dear to your heart with this Locket from Tiffany’s. Treat yourself to an extra special reminder! A Silver Casket is perfect for the optimistic personality who always believes there’s a silver lining. A company called Life Gem offers their services to create jewels from a lock of hair or cremated ashes. Pairing a Silver Vase with White Flowers can be gorgeous centerpieces for any memorial celebrating the life of your loved one. Refreshing Mint Juleps will give you a kick in your mouth and a jump in your step, sure to be remindful of any rambunctious soul. This Silver Maserati Hearse allows you to arrive in the “purest italian style,” and perhaps you could even be fashionably late to your own funeral just like Elizabeth Taylor!

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(1) On June 12, 2012, Mark Stevenson () said:
The reward for doing good work is.... more work!
(2) On June 12, 2012, Mark Stevenson () said:
The reward fior doing good work is ....more work!

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