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Funerals by Color Series: BLUE

posted on 6/4/12 by Staff


Eternal Reefs, a Georgia company, offers underwater, eco-friendly burial. They mix human remains with concrete, and create "reef balls", which are then submerged. The reefs go on to support living habitats of ocean coral and sea sponges. Let these Aster flowers serve as an inspiration for blue bouquets. Commemorate the memory of a loved one with special “something blue” pins. Honor Mr. or Mrs. Sweet Tooth with a Customized Candy Bar. Send well wishes to those who have passed with a Wishing Tree. Unique Memorial Guest Book with the ability to capture one’s passions and interest, what food they liked, where they went to school, where they worked, what clubs they belonged to, and what their hobbies were. This will be a lifelong treasure for generations to come. These decorative Urns are handmade, making each one individual and unique, as a symbol of your loved one. Custom Printable Programs can be both beautiful and a time saver.


Image Source: Blue Flowers

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