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Top 10 Funeral Favors

posted on 6/18/12 by Staff


Just because you're dead doesn't mean your funeral should be, too.

According to the Members we've surveyed, most see their funeral as a sort of "last party." So the last thing they want their funeral to be is one big family nap, or an excuse to eat free stale sandwiches.

So how are people "livening up" their death? Funeral favors. Yup, you heard right: favors aren't just for kids birthday parties anymore. In fact, they're a great way to customize your funeral and add a little fun. After all, it is supposed to be a life celebration, right?

Here are 10 of our Favorite Funeral Favors, courtesy of surveyed Members:

Fortune Cookies: Fill these with funny or thoughtful quotes and fortunes. Our favorite: "You're Next."

Seed Packets: Pair these with a message like, "Life goes on," or "Life after death" to brighten the mood.

Shot Glasses: Are you Irish with a taste for whiskey? Then perhaps a group shot is in order at your funeral.

Custom Crosswords: Great fun for those who knew you best. 5 ACROSS: What was the name of your childhood pet? 6 letters, starts with "B"...

Recipe Books: Perfect for those family members and friends who never knew the recipe for your famous three-cheese lasagna.

Silhouette Cookies: Might sound weird, but cookies in your shape make a fantastic conversation piece.

Slideshow DVDs: Put pictures of your life together over a favorite song. A great way to sum up a wonderful life.

Custom Magnets: Put your picture on a fridge magnet, perhaps with a quote or funny saying. Our favorite: "I'll always be watching over you...and judging you by what you eat."

Angel Keepsakes: Angel pins or statuettes remind friend and family of their new "guardian angel."

WristbandsMake a Live-Strong bracelet with a quote or funny saying. Use your favorite color.

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