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Womans Funeral Will Focus on Her Disease

posted on 7/12/10 by Staff

7/9/2010 - - Ketan Mukherjee - A Christchurch woman, who has been counting her last days since she is suffering from cancer, will be buried in a pink coffin, which would be decorated with pairs of breasts.

Pam Hermansen, 48, might only have just one month or two to live, but she is trying the best and planning a personalized funeral in a hand-painted coffin.

Hermansen had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2006. Her left breast had to be removed, but her illness did not leave her and during a routine check in 2008, she was informed about the cancer, which had by then spread to her bones and liver and was incurable.

Then, in the month of February, they told her that she had around five months to live.

She said that death is unpredictable and that she is not waiting for the day and the moment when she would pass away, but she is planning to have the best funeral for herself.

She also said that breast cancer had been a significant fragment of her lifetime and this is why she decided to have pairs of breasts on her coffin.

A builder friend made the coffin from second-hand wood, whilst one more friend, New Brighton artist Lyn Taylor, painted almost 30 pairs of breasts.

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